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From this day forward, I will now do paid commissions for any who are interested.
Wearyman by Gray-philosophy
A Wearyman inspired by, and drawn for, my good friend ZebuCompany's story, found here:…
Whenever I log into these forums Iím always hoping to find a new and exciting debate to participate in or follow, but no. Itís usually just the same old bickering between believers and non-believers, about whatís true and whatís not, and how ďThatís not a fact!Ē or ďYou canít prove that!Ē or ďYou canít disprove it either!Ē

I have my own views and opinions on these things, and Iíd like to share them. Instead of copy-pasting replies everywhere I thought Iíd put it out in a new thread instead, explaining them thoroughly.

I argueÖ
Perception is subjective Ė Not necessarily consistent with what is universally true, or real.

If scientific research and discovery accounts for anything, our perception is entirely governed by our senses, and our physical senses are limited to what we are, allow me to explain.

Our eyes can detect up to three different wavelengths of light, the nerve endings in our skin can register changes in pressure and temperature, our taste buds and nose can register certain chemical components, and our ears can detect certain frequencies of vibration. This is, as far as our common reality goes (more on that later), a fact.
What is also a fact is that different species have different senses, and are thus able to perceive different things, dogs can smell things that humans canít smell, mantis shrimps can see colours that humans canít see, and so on.
Additionally, senses have been known to malfunction. Hallucinations, voices that arenít there, mistaking the smell of coffee for the colour blue and so on. Things like these are most commonly considered mental illnesses.
As far as I understand, this supports my argument of perception being subjective.

So what does that mean? It means that if our perception truly is subjective, all of our experiences and perceptions of reality are too. However, when multiple individuals experience the same things, we establish a common reality. A reality that most of us can relate to, because we all experience it similarly and coherently.

We acknowledge the existence of the physical world, because we can see and feel it with our senses. But what of things that we cannot sense? Weíve already established that there must exist colours outside of our visual spectrum that we simply canít see (certain wavelengths of light).
For example, imagine that humans had no eyes at all, we would be absolutely oblivious to the concept of colours altogether. I therefore theorise that itís safe to assume there are multiple other spectrums of a reality, in relation to universal truth, that we just canít perceive. Either because we lack the organs to sense it, or the ability to comprehend it.

If that is indeed the case, we can never, ever, claim anything to be a fact in relation to universal truth, because we canít see the whole picture.
You, we, as humans, are limited. What you think you know isnít necessarily true. What you know you think could be entirely possible, but never proven nor disproven. Gods may be real, or may not be real. Conspiracy theories may be real, or may not be real. Either way, the most important thing is that you could be wrong, but so could I.

Your thoughts?
Warframe Fan Concept - Enigma by Gray-philosophy
Warframe Fan Concept - Enigma
A drawing for another player's fan concept for the game Warframe, a sci-fi third-person-shooter.

Supposed to be a Tech based frame with the ability to hack into, and disrupt nearby robotics, computers and other types of technology.
If you play Warframe and/or just have an interest in it, the full concept can be found here:…


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Good day...

I spend quite some time drawing when i'm not out and about. And figured i might aswell put it on display..

In case you have any questions you're free to ask.
(Copied from another user for great justice)


Resource scarcity is a lie. There would be no poverty if money creation and resource distribution was in the hands of the people. Support a resource based economy to end poverty, starvation, and war. This isn't the hunger games. Humanity doesn't have to kill each other over scraps of food. We just have to take back our planet from the money changers who enforce the rules of artificial scarcity.

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Ive said this before. I have so much respect for pencil drawings because thats what im good at. like yo :D. but i have been practicing digital to broaden my experience. I love all of your art and I think you are so incredibly talented , never stop, please.
Gray-philosophy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, thanks a lot man! :) I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon fortunately. I should probably start finishing some more drawings that I can upload though xD
Zebucompany Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
hey you. where are you? be online more.
Gray-philosophy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was in Bruxelles. Back now :)
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No problem :)
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