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Hey there. 

I'm sure we have all had those moments in a game where we had to stop and marvel at the detail of the environment, the interactivity of the game world or the ingenuity of the mechanics.

Being a sucker for immersion, I really love it when the game has a lot of "useless clutter" to add to the experience like idle wildlife, random objects lying around, weather effects that affect the gameplay or NPC's interacting with each other and so on.

At the same time I also really like feeling like I'm in direct control of my character when playing a game. I prefer the controls to be fluid and intuitive, or in some cases even clunky and heavy if you're supposed to be operating a slow vehicle or whatever scenario you might be in.

What are some of your favourite details that you've come across in games? Whether it's graphical details, certain ways to incorporate story, certain mechanics or something entirely different :)

Hello there

I'm trying to come up with a crafting mechanic of my own. I'm trying to make it as creative as I can with plenty of room for player customizability, while keeping it intuitive with materials and processes that make sense from a "realistic" perspective.

I've already let myself be inspired by games like Minecraft, various survival games, Dark Messiah, Fallout, Ultima Online and various other MMORPG's. So far I've got a pretty good idea of the basic stuff, but I'm sure tere's always room for improvement.

What are some of the more entertaining or genius crafting systems you've seen in games you played? Perhaps you even have creative ideas of your own you'd like to share?

How do you define what is morally right, and morally wrong?

Iím curious to hear peoples own interpretations of these terms. Not some dictionary definition.

This isnít intended to be a battle of the morals, or about whoís more right than the other. Iím really just curious. Itís also not intended to be a battle of belief, but if you feel you can involve your religious belief in your answer youíre free to do so.

And finally, please donít start any flame wars. It gets so messy.

Would you reckon it's possible?

Once upon a time, when humans lived in small isolated tribal societies, before the time of currency as we know it today. We "bartered" with each other on a concept of debt. People knew that if they contributed and helped someone else, they'd get something in return some other time. A code of honor that you just respected.

Fast forward to today, we have currency causing us a lot of issues and whatnot.

But do you think it would ever be possible for a human society to exist, that does not depend on money, in the modern world that we live in today? Farmers still do the farming and scientists keep doing the sciencing, but noone gets paid, because everyone knows they'll be able to get what they require.

Considering currency today doesn't actually depict the actual volume of resources we have. As far as I've been taught we have resources enough to feed, clothe and shelter the current global population for generations to come without much conflict. We just don't, because that would ruin the market competition.

So.. yes? no? why? Discuss!


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Good day...

I spend quite some time drawing when i'm not out and about. And figured i might aswell put it on display..

In case you have any questions you're free to ask.
(Copied from another user for great justice)


Resource scarcity is a lie. There would be no poverty if money creation and resource distribution was in the hands of the people. Support a resource based economy to end poverty, starvation, and war. This isn't the hunger games. Humanity doesn't have to kill each other over scraps of food. We just have to take back our planet from the money changers who enforce the rules of artificial scarcity.

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